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Presentations To Group                     

Introduction to Photography (2020-02) Ian         Composition Presentation -  Julie

Aperture and Exposure Part 1 (2020-04) Ian      Aperture and Exposure Part 2 (2020-04) Julie Photography small pdf.pdf

Julie's Flower Photography


Zoom Meetings (Clicking will view on most devices)

2020-04-07 - Aperture Presentation and Tree Project      2020-04-20 - Sky Presentation and Texture Project

2020-05-04 - Lenses and Sky Project       !st Introduction                       2020-05-18 - Editing    

2020-06-15 - Red                                                             2020-06-30 - Birds

2020-08-03 - Light and Shade                                          2020-09-07 - DOF

2020-10-05 - Movement                                                   2020-11-02 - Autumn

2021-01-04 - Blue & Xmas

Recommendations for General Advice

YouTube has many channels dedicated to photography.

Photography Online is an interesting series, with a lot of useful advice, a bit like Top Gear for photography

Sean Tucker talks mainly about composure and techniques, not about technical stuff


Websites with General Information

Cambridge in Colour holds lots of advice and technical information

Free Online Courses  is a link to a number of free courses


Suggestions for Kit

Affordable LightBox

Lenses From Presentation by Ian

Second Hand Kit - WEX       Second Hand Kit - MPB


Advice on Topics

Weather                       Sunny Day           Rain                        Fog and Mist

Sky                               Dramatic           Night Sky               Sunset       

Nature                                Plants               Trees              Insects        Birds      BirdFlight

Table Top / Still Life   TableTop Tips    Still Life Tips       Household Object

Colours                        Red

Light and Shade         Light and Shade 1      Light and Shade 2 

Depth of Field             Techy                 Easy

Seasons                           Autumn